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atom_raven's Journal

13 August
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My 'name' is Atom. I was an experiment of Master Cerrwick, the head of the Silver Ravens, and Tareque, one of Shadovan's post powerful mages. I refer to myself as a 'failed' project, though he always insisted otherwise. I remember nothing of my past before volunteering for this project. If you ask me of it, I will have no answers.

Obviously, I am an elf race that has been nearly shoved to extinction- though, I doubt I can even be referred to as one of them at this point, as my genetic structure has been completely realigned.

I am an abomination and an unnatural enigma, as far as I am concerned. Do I regret my existence? No, I do not. Though, it has given me some unusual abilities- selective shape-shifting, enhanced senses, intense strength, improved agility, and most interestingly, the ability to draw electrical currents into my body. Its become a rather exciting effect, especially during lightning storms.

My fellow experiment, Hadron, and myself were rescued by a brave woman named Alora. She took us to the realm of Danavere where we were put under the protection of King Palm, as long as we served him as royal protectors.

After the Great War, Danavere was defeated. We fled- me to Shadovan and Hadron to Tir'Nall. We never crossed paths again until years later, though him and I have always shared a telepathic bond...so who would need to?

If you wish to know more, just speak with myself or Hadron. We don't bite...much.